Sunday, June 1, 2014

An authentic Xena crew chakram!

How's Sunday going?

Fantastic Xenite Lara Vezzani aka Kimba has recently gotten herself an original "crew chakram" prop replica, directly from New Zealand. It's a truly gorgeous piece, and she has been very kind to send me some pictures of it so I can share them with all of you.

The jagged side, with the saw-like pattern.
Photo by Lara Vezzani (aka Kimba).

The crew chakrams are very very rare pieces, offered only to the crew member of the series. Like the Creation Ent replicas, they were made by the prop masters of the show, but as you can see these show a even higher level of accuracy and care for the details. Mind-blowing!

The opposite side, with the squared pattern.
Photo by Lara Vezzani (aka Kimba).

Hers is pristine and of course came directly from a crew member in NZ. It has gorgeous paua shells, and one even looks like a yin yang shape.

Said Y&Y paua shell.
Photo by Lara Vezzani (aka Kimba).

If you like the photos make sure to thank Lara by "liking" her book page on Facebook, the Kaia Saga. I'm sure she'll appreciate that. She's not only a great Xenite, she's also an awesome writer.

Here's the link:

Have a great weekend guys!

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