Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Changes in the 20th Anniversary NZ Auction


Due to the similarity between the dates of the Creation Ent USA Convention and the NZ Convention, the organizers of the NZ Con have decided to postpone the con until November.

Here's what Martine of Film-Events tells us:

Okay, dear fellow fans.

Despite the NZ organisors already rescheduled their convention earlier (from begin Feb to mid Feb because of Creation's date this year) they are willing to postpone again to serve all Xena fans.

I have been informed by the NZ organisors that they will postpone the NZ Xena convention. They are really sweet people. They postponed their convention to give all fans the opportunity to visit both conventions and not forcing anybody to make a choice. 

So the 20th Xena anniverary will be spread over 2015. Further for February 2015 most of Auckland accommodation is already fully booked due to the soccer championship and NZ organisors want all visitors to be able to find an accommodation without any problem. So the new dates are 20-21-22 November 2015.

I hope everybody appreciates the effort NZ con does with this rescheduling.  


Because of this, I've been informed the NZ Xena Auction is probably rescheduling to November as well. Nothing is confirmed yet, though, they want fans to give their opinion on Facebook first.

I'll keep you posted on further news.

Have a good day!


  1. Given your love of Xena props, do you think you will be attending the auction? And if so will we be seeing you at the convention if it is indeed at the same time?

    1. That's certainly my intention, yes :) Now, things are still a bit in the air, and the con feels quite far away (even more now), but unless something big happens I plan to be there!

    2. Excellent!! I had taken NZ Con off the cards due to nobody else really being able to go, what with the proximity to the LA event, but now there's a good gap for people to save up and a few more people are up for it, so it's back on for me too. Hoping to book some accommodation with fellow Xenites and have a few surrounding days to explore filming locations and soak up the atmosphere.

    3. Definitely! Sounds like an awesome plan! :)