Monday, June 16, 2014

Where's Waldo? (II): Help identifying this sword

Greetings people!

Hiraani, a Xenite from New Zealand, has sent me these photos of her prop sword and sheath to see if someone is able to identify them.

She adds this "It is a beautiful sword and it is unfortunate I didn't ask for more information from the person who I bought it from. All I was told is that it came from the Xena auction in West Auckland 2001. I am considering selling it."

Here you have the pictures she sent me. The sword is gorgeous, and has some very intricate carvings in the hilt, with wolves, snakes and skull reliefs.

The sheath is equally interesting.

As always, if you recognize these pieces from any episode, or you are interested in purchasing them, write a comment or contact Hiraani directly.

Her mail is:

Thanks for the help guys!

>> EDIT: I found this same sword in the cover of "Life Lessons from Xena Warrior Princess". Want to know more? Check this follow up entry!


  1. I can't ID it in an episode, but it's based on Conan the Barbarian's sword (there are a lot of versions of the sword -- the skull in the pommel, and the two animal faces on the guard, plus the very long grip show it's origin). It's been altered, part of the guard has been removed.

    1. Many thanks for the info Chris! I'll let Hiraani know :)