Friday, June 27, 2014

Look what I found! :)

Hello people!

Some days ago I posted about Hiraani's sword. Remember it? You can check my previous entry about it right here.

Hiraani's sword.

Well, thing is I "found" it! Kind of. I had the feeling I had seen it before, somewhere, and then one day I stumbled upon it by mere chance. Where? Why, in the cover of the book "Life Lessons from Xena Warrior Princess", by Chris Kreski. Here's a pic of said cover:

The cover and the real prop. Gotcha! Cool, huh? :)

I still don't know in which episode/s they used the sword (which now we know it's a variation of Conan the Barbarian sword thanks to blogger Chris) but of course, Hiraani was more than happy with my find. In her name I just wanted to share the happiness of the moment.

But please, remember! I f you do spot it in any episode, contact her or me!

Thanks guys, and have a great day!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

(not so) Monday eBay Roundup (XII)

Hey guys!

It's been a while since we had our last eBay roundup. These last two days I haven't had the time to wrap it up, so here you have it today: Wednesday eBay roundup! lol

Let's see the pieces on eBay this week. They are few but interesting:


   > Manufacturer: Creation Entertainment
   > Number: 321/500
   > COA: Not mentioned
   > Seller: band149 
   > Price: $0.01 ($117 already) plus shipping (only USA)

   > Opinion: This a 2nd/3rd generation Creation Ent chakram, with the second shadowbox model. We can assume this is a rare model, and this is certainly a good opportunity to get it for a good price, but this particular piece seems to have some flaws. The blade looks stained or scratched -it might be nothing, but keep that in mind.


   > Manufacturer: Todd's Costumes
   > Number: 0062/1000
   > COA: Included
   > Seller: beatles-rock 
   > Price: $395 plus shipping

   > Opinion: Oddly enough, although Todd's chakram are more abundant than the Creation ones, these past months it's been difficult to see any of those for sale. It must be people like them and keeps them around :) Anyhow, beautiful piece, not so crazy price, and VERY LOW number. Lower number always have a better and more detailed paint scheme, so don't miss it guys!


   > Manufacturer: Marto Swords of Spain
   > Number: Not numbered
   > COA: Not mentioned
   > Seller: coolbreeze17blue
   > Price: $400 plus shipping

   > Opinion: It's well known Marto super katanas are not my favorite replicas. Still, I must admit the poison pearl, the little chakram and all the other extras are kind of cool. If any of you want one of these, you have the opportunity. This one seems brand new.


   > Manufacturer: Fanmade copy of a Todd's Costumes sword
   > Seller: props1029 
   > Price: $240 plus shipping

   > Opinion: You may have noticed this sword. Be aware it is not an original Todd's replica, but a copy the seller casted in resin. It won't have COA, nor real leather in the handled (it's 100% painted). That much said, this sword look fairly ok and it's not so expensive (considered to other Xena swords).


That is all for this week people! Let's see if next week there's new stuff to review.


Monday, June 16, 2014

Where's Waldo? (II): Help identifying this sword

Greetings people!

Hiraani, a Xenite from New Zealand, has sent me these photos of her prop sword and sheath to see if someone is able to identify them.

She adds this "It is a beautiful sword and it is unfortunate I didn't ask for more information from the person who I bought it from. All I was told is that it came from the Xena auction in West Auckland 2001. I am considering selling it."

Here you have the pictures she sent me. The sword is gorgeous, and has some very intricate carvings in the hilt, with wolves, snakes and skull reliefs.

The sheath is equally interesting.

As always, if you recognize these pieces from any episode, or you are interested in purchasing them, write a comment or contact Hiraani directly.

Her mail is:

Thanks for the help guys!

>> EDIT: I found this same sword in the cover of "Life Lessons from Xena Warrior Princess". Want to know more? Check this follow up entry!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Quick update

Hi guys!

Just a quick update, to let you know Lara has already sent me new photos of her crew chakram, to share with you all.

You can check them in my previous post, or here:

Stay tuned!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Where's Waldo?: Help identifying a couple of props

Hey people!

Fellow Xenite Sandra has written me asking for help. She wants to identify two props she got back in 2002: a dark leather skirt and a white leather belt.

Unless very iconic, props (and even more costumes) are tricky to spot. Items were often used in several episodes, and even in different series (as the prop department was the same for all Renaissance Pictures, it was normal to use props and costumes in all three Xena, Hercules and Young Hercules). COAs and accompanying papers are usually of little help too, as they tend to provide very simplistic descriptions.

So I've decided to continue a tradition started by the Xena Prop House and launch a new section called "Where's Waldo?". The idea is sharing all the pics and available info with you, to see if among all of us we succeed at helping Sandy, and eventually, other people.

Here you have some pictures. The skirt is made of two sides (back and front), each composed by four dark leather layers/petals adorned with metal rivets.

The white leather belt looks to be made to carry a sword with scabbard or any other kind of weapon, and also has rivets. It presents what looks to be a big "M" written in the backside.

Any clue? Do these props ring a bell for you? If they do or if you locate them in any episode, please don't doubt to tell me or write Sandra herself. Any kind of suggestion or clue will be appreciated.

Her mail is:

Please, collaborate! I'm sure together we can make it!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

An authentic Xena crew chakram!

How's Sunday going?

Fantastic Xenite Lara Vezzani aka Kimba has recently gotten herself an original "crew chakram" prop replica, directly from New Zealand. It's a truly gorgeous piece, and she has been very kind to send me some pictures of it so I can share them with all of you.

The jagged side, with the saw-like pattern.
Photo by Lara Vezzani (aka Kimba).

The crew chakrams are very very rare pieces, offered only to the crew member of the series. Like the Creation Ent replicas, they were made by the prop masters of the show, but as you can see these show a even higher level of accuracy and care for the details. Mind-blowing!

The opposite side, with the squared pattern.
Photo by Lara Vezzani (aka Kimba).

Hers is pristine and of course came directly from a crew member in NZ. It has gorgeous paua shells, and one even looks like a yin yang shape.

Said Y&Y paua shell.
Photo by Lara Vezzani (aka Kimba).

If you like the photos make sure to thank Lara by "liking" her book page on Facebook, the Kaia Saga. I'm sure she'll appreciate that. She's not only a great Xenite, she's also an awesome writer.

Here's the link:

Have a great weekend guys!