Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Xena Reboot?

Hello Xenites!

I'm sure you've all heard/read the news that have been around these past days about the possibility of a Xena reboot. And I'm sure most of you, like me, don't know what to make of them.

Some usually reliable websites and serious media are saying a new series is definitely happening. On the other hand, Lucy denies any knowledge of it, and declares it is all "wishful thinking". What should we think, then? Are they really considering the options? Is there something in early development? Or perhaps the powers that be are just trying to see if Xena still raises  interest?

I surely don't know, but Mary Dee from AUSXIP has written a very knowledgeable and comprehensive article about it all, leading to interesting (and clarifying) conclusions.

I strongly recommend that you take a look at it!

What are you waiting for? Go on and read! :)

Monday, July 6, 2015

Resin Xena sword replica by Todd's Costumes

Hey people!

Today there're not enough new Xena props or replicas online to make a proper eBay Monday Roundup, but nevertheless there is one very interesting listing that may deserve your attention.

I'm talking about a very rare and old Xena sword replica, made by Todd Coyle from Todd's Costumes back when he produced replicas for fans and his work was not officially licensed by Davis Panzer. The sword comes with a replica scabbard from back then as well.

   > Manufacturer: Todd's Costumes
   > Number: Unnumbered
   > COA: Includes paperwork provided by the author
   > Seller: pshepp1390
   > Price: $600 plus FREE shipping (only USA)

This sword is quite a rarity. I've only ever seen one like this before. It's made of hard resin instead of metal (unlike Todd's Costumes later iterations of Xena's sword) and hand-painted with quite fragile materials - the sword actually came/comes with very detailed instructions about the way to retouch the paint if needed. Neat.

On the other hand, let's be clear about something: this first replica is "imperfect". Later versions changed many details and polished quite a few details, which overall made them more screen accurate. For example, the patinas in both the blade and the handle are somehow clumsy here, whilst they became much more realistic afterwards.

Here you can appreciate the (simple) patina work.

However, these imperfections are in fact what make this replica valuable. This sword is a piece of a larger puzzle, that of the evolutive and ever-changing creative process behind all well-mastered replicas. The very first step. And that should be taken into account.

The scabbard is equally old and rare, and I must say equally imperfect - which I know firsthand since I have one of these very early unnumbered scabbards. Similarly to his sword replicas, Mr. Coyle actually improved his scabbards quite a lot after he was licensed, since it appears he started using what seem to be materials of higher quality.

All in all, this listing has a VERY good price for a piece (or pieces) that can't be described as any other thing than a collector's price. This are NOT the greatest Xena sword and scabbard replicas ever (and if you're looking for that you should avoid buying these) but two pieces with a lot of "historical" value and emotional weight within the world of Xena collecting.

>> NOTE: I have updated my Xena sword Comparisons according to this information. I invite you to take a look to that entry as well!

Friday, July 3, 2015

100 Entries!

Wow, it's true!

100 entries, no less! After almost two years, tons of research and a good deal of effort this blog has just surpassed the first number worth noticing :) 

Xena Prop Treasures has 100 entries!

It may not seem "much" compared to other blogs, but for me it's a success. Two years ago I hadn't even thought abut writing a blog about Xena props and replicas, but look at me now. It's been a long journey, but if I've made it so far it's thanks to all the Xenites that show interest in prop and replica collecting in this our ever-growing and ever-changing community. 

This is just the beginning...

And this is just the beginning. I still have many many entries planned ahead, including brand new eBay Roundups, Prop and Replica Comparisons, Where's Waldo? entries and much more. And of course (fingers crossed) more My Collection as well. 

So here's for other 100 more! Battle on!

Now let's go for the next 100!