Monday, December 30, 2013

Heads up! New props!

Hey people!

I'm writing a big post about Chakram comparisons, but in the meantime here you have a couple of original props which just went for sale on eBay!


   > Character: Xena and Gabrielle in S5 "Them Bones, Them Bones"
   > Material: Resin
   > Papers: Seller's COA. It doesn't seem to come with other papers.
   > Seller: xenamuseum
   > Price: $295 plus shipping (only USA)

   > Opinion: Of course, if it's from the Xena Museum it's authentic. Quality looks fine and price seems negotiable, so it might be a good opportunity to get an Amazon dagger, for those who like this kind of props.


   > Character: Gabrielle in S5 "Kindred Spirits"
   > Material: Deer fur. Suede leather. Seed beading.
   Papers: Seller's COA. It doesn't seem to come with other papers.
   Seller: xenamuseum
   Price: $1,500 plus shipping (only USA)

   > Opinion: Now, this is something you don't see every day! Interested piece, yet quite expensive (though I wouldn't expect less, having been worn by Gabrielle/Renee O'Connor herself)! Same as before, quality looks fine and price is negotiable (the "Make Offer" option is open). Not the kind of item I'd buy myself, but a rare piece to own nonetheless!

Stay tuned folks!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

For Sale: Swords

Christmas offers!

More Xena stuff for sale, perfect for the time of the year :)

First, Pam is selling a couple of swords:


   > Character: Xena's Pirate Captain, Second in Command
   > Material: Heavy resin
   > Papers: Not mentioned
   > Price: £75 plus shipping

   > Opinion: From the unforgettable S2 Episode "Destiny". Certainly not a classic sword from any main character, but it's a very nice prop. It's original, it's un-damaged (that's rare) and it's relatively cheap. 


   > Manufacturer: Unknown
   > Material: Metal. Paui.
   > COA: Not included
   > Price: £75 plus shipping

   > Opinion: This sword is a bit of a mystery. Pam bought it from Bob Felix, a well-known Xena collector that passed away some years ago. Its blade has been sharpened (it seems Felix liked to do with that with his replicas). due to the similitudes in the hilt, I think it could be a customized Marto Xena sword replica (which has a different leather and no paui shells) or even a prototype. All in all, as far as I know it's a OOAK item.


On the other hand, Stacie is willing to part with her Helicon sword.

   > Character: Amazon Queen
   > Material: Heavy resin
   > Papers: Included
   > Price: $400 plus shipping

   > Opinion: This sword has history. It belonged to Barbara "Barbie" Arms herself. For those who don't know her, Barbie was the head and founder of the Xena Prop House, an organization that helped collectors catalogue and identify props from Xena and Hercules. Thus, she was the expert to go if you had any questions regarding props. Plus, it's a Helicon sword, wielded by the Amazon Queens in the S6 episode "To Helicon and Back". It presents some wear and tear from use, but overall is in good shape. A very interesting piece!


That's all for now! If you are interested in any of these pieces or want further information, feel free to write me or contact the sellers.

   To contact Pam (Corsair sword & Xena sword):
   To contact Stacie (Helicon sword):

Have a great day! Cheers!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Have a happy day and enjoy! :)

Battle on!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

New header!


I proudly present my brand-new blog header! :) Hope you enjoy it as much as I did while making it! Impressions are well welcomed

Talk to you soon!

HUGE Image of Xena


While I find time for my next post, I bring you a huge image from Xena!
Enjoy it in all its glory! :)

>> EDIT: For some reason, it's impossible to see it in real size from my site. So here you have the original link:

Bonus: Some other promotional pictures!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Museum Time!

Hey people!

Believe it or not, the Te Papa Museum is not the only museum in the world featuring Xena props. Actually, I'd say one is closer to you than you suspect, dear friends from the US.

Yes, you heard me right: it's in the USA. In the Smithsonian Museum!

Lucy Lawless herself donated the costume she kept after the series to the museum, so they could safeguard this little piece of history and display it to our delight. Which they haven't, until very recently!

Here I leave you some pics of it. Enjoy!

>> EDIT 2: As fellow Xenite Ariel let us know in the comments, this full Xena costume is actually on display at the Science Fiction Museum in Seattle, on loan from the Smithsonian. Thanks Ariel!

>> EDIT 1: I found a new image about this particular costume. 

Check it out here: Xena at the Smithsonian (II)

Thursday, December 19, 2013

For Sale: Mike's Collection

Wow, it's raining props! :)

Mike, a fellow collector, is letting go his props. He has props from Xena, Hercules and Young Hercules. Here's the price list he gave me:


   > Argo Saddle Horn: $1,000

   > Egyptian Staff: $500 (plus packing and shipping due to its length)

   > Gabrielle's Wedding Jewelry: $450 (includes her double's jewelry and a continuity photo)

   > Shield: $350 (plus packing and shipping due to its size)

   > Gabrielle's Angel Sandals: $150

   > Xena's Skirt Strap: $75


   > Amazon Dagger: $500

   > Gold FX Book: $500

   > Seska's Gauntlets: $300 (for all three)

   > Bow: $250 (plus packing and shipping due to its length. Quiver sells separately - check the Young Hercules props below)

   > Deianeira's Necklace Pendant: $250

   > Chimpules Costume: $175 (without the frame)

   > Real State Map: $100

   > Tiara: $75


   > Hercules Backpack: $550

   > Iolaus Quiver: $350 (bow sells separately)

If you are interested drop me a line or contact Mike through his site:

Good collecting!

For Sale: Archangel Sword

Hey guys!

A contact just passed me this info. He's selling the following prop sword:

   > Character: Xena. Archangels.
   > Material: Heavy resin
   > Papers: Not mentioned
   > Price: $150 plus shipping

This is a prop sword used in the S5 episode "Fallen Angel". Owner says it's a stunt, but given the amount of detail I think it's a hero prop. It presents some wear and tear due to on-screen use.

This type of sword was wielded by Xena and all the other archangels, so there's no certain way to know to whom it belonged. Given this, it's a rare prop, but not one of a kind - I've seen a few around. However, this is the first archangel sword I've ever found with the red ribbons intact, and that's a big plus. And the price is very reasonable :)

If you are interested drop me a line and I'll put you in contact with the seller!



Attention people!

A good opportunity just popped out on eBay! A Yin&Yang chakram replica from Creation Entertainment is for sale

   > Manufacturer: Creation Entertainment
   > Number: 347/500
   > COA: Not mentioned
   > Seller: tem0822
   > Price: from $199 to $275 plus shipping (only USA)

   > Opinion: Creation Ent replicas are rare, and under my opinion, the most accurate replicas there are. Color scheme seems quite ok on this one, and it's selling relatively cheap. That said, it's important to underline a couple of things. First, it's a later number, and that means the chakram has the words "New Zealand Made" engraved in one of the sides of the blade. Not everybody likes that (I don't, for an instance). Plus, it only ships within the US. All in all, it's an opportunity you don't see every day!

More items for sale later!


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Te Papa Museum Prop Collection

Hello Xenites!

If you plan to go to New Zealand, don't miss the opportunity to visit the Te Papa Museum. They've got an AMAZING collection of original Xena props, costumes and weapons.

Here I leave you a recent video dedicated to their stuff, and some pics I managed to get.

Additional info at their site!


More Xena prop replicas

Updates from eBay!

Today we have the following three additions:


   > Manufacturer: Marto Swords of Spain
   > Number: as far as I know, they are not numbered
   > COA: Not mentioned
   > Seller: beatles-rock
   > Price: $349.99 plus shipping

   > Opinion: Marto is not known for their accurate replicas. However, I think their katanas are the best replicas they made. Gabrielle's is less accurate than Xena's (the blue color is a bit too light), but if you are not obsessed about that this katana is a very cool sword.


   > Manufacturer: Marto Swords of Spain
   > Number: as far as I know, they are not numbered either
   > COA: Not mentioned
   > Seller: dgwing99
   > Price: from $300 to $450 plus shipping

   > Opinion: Same thing as before, more or less. The Super katana is the least accurate of Marto's replicas, so far I wouldn't even call it a replica - I'd say it's "inspired" in Xena. It does, however, come with a cool set of tools.


   > Manufacturer: Icons Prop Replicas
   > Number: 436/5000
   > COA: Included
   > Seller: bluerouteantiques
   > Price: $750 plus shipping

   > Opinion: Icons chakrams are rare. They were the first chakram replicas ever made, but the company never finished the line cause they dissolved before. I don't think they reached more than 550 or 600. Their quality is not bad, though they are not as accurate as Creation Ent replicas (black lines are too thick, and the metal is too shiny and polished). For me, the best part is the rock base! And it seems this one has been unopened.

>> EDIT: Too late! Already sold!


That's all for now folks! Stay tuned!