Thursday, July 28, 2016

Do you want to write for Xena Prop Treasures?

Dear friends,

I know entries have been scarce for a long while now. Many other obligations have me tied up on a daily basis, and it's very hard to find time to write. Xena props news are not very usual as of late either. If to that we add that having this website updated is a very demanding yet at times quite unrewarding task, I think you may understand a bit how I feel.

However, instead of saying my goodbyes, I have a proposition for all of you. A friend and reader, Epiphane David, has suggested that I turn Xena Prop Treasures into an open platform. Meaning: any of you with something to say about the Xena prop world (curiosities, information, comparisons, photos of your collections...) can send me an e-mail and I will publish your stuff from here. With proper credit, of course.

I do believe this can be a good idea, because:
- The platform stays alive.
- The information keeps flowing.
- All of us can share our piece of knowledge and satiate the "thirst" of each other (if that makes sense to you lol).

I can compromise to work as "filter" and add any relevant data I may know to your contributions.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts about this!

Battle on,

Vicente aka Secret Kabeiros