Tuesday, July 22, 2014

For Sale: Elizabeth's Xena porcelain doll

Hello again!

I don't usually do merchandise, but Elizabeth (a long-term Xena collector) has asked me to share with all of you guys that she's selling her porcelain Xena doll. And I can't say no to that! :)

These 24'' dolls were made back in 1997 and are numbered and signed by their author, artist George Harlan. Signature can be found on the doll's right shoulder blade. Detail photo under these lines.

They normally include a miniature staff, chakram and sword with scabbard. The sword is included, but Elizabeth tells me the staff and chakram were already missing when she bought this doll a long time ago. She has replaced the mini chakram with a keychain, though.

She also notes the backplate broke and she glued it back together. You'll be able to notice the fracture if you look closely at the image.

About the price, Elizabeth is willing to give a very good deal. The ones on eBay usually sell for around $300 (the ones currently listed are selling for $495 and $295), but she's offering her doll for $200.

If interested let me know or write a mail to Elizabeth.
Her mail is: elizabethelfman704@hotmail.com


Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday eBay Roundup (XIII) yay!

Hello Xenites!

It's been a while, hasn't it? Days are just too short for all the things one must do! I haven't been able to post about eBay stuff for a while, but this week I HAD to do it. So let's not wait any longer!

What Xena items are on eBay this week?


   > Manufacturer: Silver Screen / Todd's Costumes
   > Number: Not numbered
   > COA: Included
   > Seller: toddscostumes_com
   > Price: $270 plus shipping

   > Opinion: I recently added a lot of information about this kind of chakram in the third part of my Chakram Comparisons (you can red it here). There's not much left to say. This one is certainly cheap, and comes with all the extras like the wooden plaque (listing notes it's scratched) and the cool box.



   > Manufacturer: Todd's Costumes
   > Number: 0106/3000
   > COA: Included
   > Seller: highland172014
   > Price: $650 plus shipping

   > Opinion: This is a very cool piece, and kind of rare. Although in theory 3000 units were made, a low-numbered Todd's splitting chakram is not something you see everyday. Maybe that explains why it's selling for such a high price! The listing states "the two halves are precisely aligned, joining easily and securely using super strong Neodymium, rare-earth magnets" and "the edges are blunted for safety, but the the tapered points are needle sharp". Those are certainly a couple of very interesting things to take into account if you're going to bid on this beauty.



   > Manufacturer: Todd's Costumes
   > Number: Not mentioned
   > COA: Not mentioned
   > Seller: highland172014
   > Price: $380 plus shipping

   > Opinion: From the very same seller there's also this cool leather Xena whip. Not as rare as other replicas, but I suspect this one is part of the first run produced many years ago (and thus more valuable). Not 100% sure, though. Compared to other Xena whips seen on eBay recently (a Creation whip sold not too long ago, and those are way rarer) this one is a bit expensive. On the bright side, the state of conservation seems optimal, and it comes with the original purple paper we all love ;)



   > Manufacturer: Creation Ent 
   > Number: Not mentioned
   > COAs: Not mentioned
   > Seller: marysuec25
   > Price: $650 plus shipping (or Buy Now for $1,200)

   > Opinion: Who doesn't LOVE these swords? This one is quite expensive for a replica without COA, but that's a subjective appreciation. These are very rare swords after all, identical to the one Xena used in the series (let's remember it's made by the same Prop Masters of New Zealand). Things to note? The paui: just how I love them. Bright blue and green. Gorgeous! 



   > Character: Gabrielle or Gabrielle's stunt double
   > Material: Wood? Twine. Leather. Fur.
   Papers: Not mentioned
   Seller: rudindonn
   Price: $275 plus shipping 

   > Opinion: Tricky piece. Is it real? It could be. Is it fake? It could be too. There's no mention of any kind of COA. actually, info in the listing is very scarce. If it were real, it would be a stunt's, because it lacks the trademark purple-red-yellow fabric in the middle. It also should be noted proportions are completely off -the relative length of the twine area respect the exposed wood should be way different. A factor that neither gives too much credibility is the fact the seller has only one review so far, (s)he is apparently very new to eBay. Be very careful with this one guys.



   > Character: Brutus (David Franklin)
   > Material: Resin?
   Papers: Not mentioned
   Seller: rudindonn
   Price: $75 plus shipping 

   > Opinion: Same seller. Same lack of information. No photos/shots of the actor with the gauntlets are provided. There's also no mention about the material of the gauntlets. Are they resin? Metal? We don't know. The only info is about the box: it has a lock, and the key is included.



   > Character: Xena in S6 "Friend in Need"
   > Material: Wood. Fabric. Metal.
   Papers: COA from It's a Wrap!
   Seller: myxenawp
   Price: $500 plus shipping 

   > Opinion: Now this is how things are done! Cheri is a renamed Xenite, and she certainly knows how to sell things :) These are the sandals Xena wore in FIN, during the flashbacks after Akemi's death (those shots in which she had the hair short and accidentally burned the city... and we all know the consequences). Cheri's asking for a very high amount, but I'd say these sandals are pretty unique, right? They practically killed Xena themselves! lol



   > Character: Ares Army
   > Material: Wood. Leather. Metal.
   Papers: Turners Auction
   Seller: fox-and-unicorn
   Price: 455.32 € / $615.11 plus shipping 

   > Opinion: From the Fox and Unicorn's vault, a cool bow that belonged to Ares' army (that's vague...). Like always, very cool and very expensive. Also as usual, all info in german!



   > Character: Unknown
   > Material: Metal. Leather?
   Papers: Not mentioned
   Seller: carlo-cath
   Price: $150 plus shipping (or Buy Now for $500)

   > Opinion: Sigh. Another unidentified "prop", with no information, and from a brand new eBayer. Could it be real? I don't remember seeing this dagger anywhere in the series, but that's normal. So yes, it could be real. It could be a scam too. Here as well, be careful!



Wow! You won't say there are no cool items this week right?

I hope to keep up the rhythm. Stay tuned!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Unexpected info from Todd Coyle

Hello everybody!

I've been awfully quiet for the past weeks, my deepest apologies. My job is literally overwhelming me as of late, and it leaves me no time at all for anything else. I expect things will change soon, but in the meantime I'm happily surprised there's an increasing interest in the blog. I've noticed the visits have nothing but grown in my absence, which fills me with joy. Thank you all for your interest and daily visits!

Now, as a little reward for your patience, let me tell you Todd Coyle himself (owner of Todd's Costumes and creator of MANY of the Xena replicas seen here) recently wrote me to shed some light on his chakram replicas. He's been of great help, so many many thanks Mr. Coyle!

I've added all his notes in my original entry, but differently colored so they're easy to spot. I invite you to visit it and enjoy all the firsthand information that Mr. Coyle has so selflessly shared.

Here's the link:

Feel free to share your impressions, it's always a big pleasure to hear back from fellow fans.

Cheers, until we "talk" again!