Monday, September 14, 2015

For Sale: Sabrina's Collection (Part 1)

Hey people!

Today I bring you the collection of a fellow Xenite, Sabrina. She loves her pieces deeply, but due to an illness she sees herself forced to let some of them go. Nevertheless she hopes (as do I) that these amazing props and costumes will find soon a caring home.

Let's take a look at them!


First we have the sword of Xena's son, Solan. This sword is super-rare, as it was the main plot point (and prop) in S2 "Orphan of War". As you may remember, in the episode this sword was passed from Borias to his son Solan, and had the mystic Ixion stone well hidden within it's very design.

This a beautifully designed heavy resin sword with leather accents in the handle. Unfortunately, the green decorative jewels that fell out in the episode are missing - which leaded Sabrina and the sword's previous owner to believe this may have been the actual prop sword used to fall to the ground, causing the Ixion stone to appear.

Sabrina bought this from a respected and trusted Xena collector, and doesn't think there is any paperwork with it. She will of course include it if it turns out she has it.

As this is a very rare sword, the asking price is $599 USD plus shipping.

>> EDIT: Price dropped to $399 USD plus shipping!  


Second, there's Lucy's hero angel dress from S5 "Fallen Angel". She wears this vaporous gown right after she dies, and before the angels try to pick Xena and Gabrielle's souls up from those eerie rocky formations. A very simple yet truly luscious piece!

The costume comes with COA from It's A Wrap! and the wardrobe tag reads "Lucy #. Sabrina adds that the gown has has seen lots of wear and is very delicate but still absolutely beautiful!

She's asking $1,000 plus shipping for it.

She didn't tell me this, but she has the matching feather sandals (only from Renée instead from Lucy). If you're interested you might be able to get them along the gown for a good price.


"Lyre, Lyre, Hearts on Fire" was an outrageous episode - in the good way :D And nothing on it was more outrageous that Jace's (Joxer's brother) costume: a madness of feathers, gold, silky textures and crazy colors. Ted Raimi definitely did an awesome performance in that dance!

This spectacular costume comes with EVERYTHING included - shoes, shirt, vest pants, coat, jewelry and head piece. And it's perfectly preserved.

Sabrina's asking $300 USD plus shipping for it.


That's all for now. If you're interested let me know, or else write directly to Sabrina at her mail address:

Cheers everyone!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Monday eBay Roundup (XXII)

Hello Xenites!

The Xena prop/replica world has been very quiet these past weeks. But today there are some items on eBay that I'm sure will prove worth your attention. Let's take a look!


   > Character: Background object in S4 "The Way"
   > Material: Urethane resin
   Papers: COA from It's a Wrap!
   Seller: whomac7
   Price: $99 (already $470!!) plus shipping (only USA)

   > Opinion: This shield is ON FIRE! Wow! This is obviously a gorgeous piece (you can find a very complete description in the listing) and the starting bid was very reasonable. Now the bids are skyrocketing, which is always an adrenaline rush!


   > Character: Campbell? Fraley?
   > Material: Urethane resin?
   Papers: Not mentioned
   Seller: njmoondragon
   Price: $75 plus shipping (only USA)

   > Opinion: Another rare and quite interesting looking prop. The seller mentions to have acquired this piece in the Yahoo It's a Wrap! Auctions, but no word is said about the COA. The insides of the helmet are marked with the words "Campbell" and "Fraley". Price is quite low.


   > Manufacturer: Todd's Costumes
   > Number: 375?/1000
   > COA: Not mentioned
   > Seller: lilsis651
   > Price: $299 plus shipping

   > Opinion: This one has been lurking around for a while - it's the third or fourth time the seller re-lists this chakram replica. Price is not bad, but before bidding but aware the paint is chipped in several places. It's probably something that CAN be fixed, but I point it out so there are no unpleasant surprises too late. There's no mention about the paperwork.


   > Manufacturer: Marto of Toledo
   > Number: Not mentioned
   > COA: Included
   > Seller: wschaefer123
   > Price: $895 plus shipping (only USA)

   > Opinion: I don't usually bother to review Marto's Xena sword replicas, but this one is a bit more special: it's part of the 10th Anniversary Gold line. So it's fancier :p What a price, however!


   > Manufacturer: Marto of Toledo
   > Number: Not mentioned
   > COA: Not mentioned
   > Seller: westsidediscount007
   > Price: $179.99 plus shipping (only USA)

   > Opinion: Same here. Not a big lover of this katana replica. It's a nice collectible, neatly made, but not accurate. Attention! This one here is missing a couple of pieces!


   > Manufacturer: Marto of Toledo
   > Number: Not mentioned
   > COA: Included
   > Seller: supasella2012
   > Price: $390 (or Buy Now for $520) plus shipping (only USA)

   > Opinion: The very same kind of replica, but from a different seller. So, same opinion. This one comes with the original box and all the paperwork. It's a tad more expensive, though.


Is it me, or the "Only USA" seems to be becoming a thing? I mean, almost all the items I see on eBay lately are "Only USA" - what's happening? What is the position of international collectors (such as myself) if sellers don't wish to ship abroad anymore? That's something to think about.

Stay tuned for more, people!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

For Sale: Original XWP Footage Roll

Hey everybody,

Anna, a friend from New Zealand who purchased lots of "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" and "Xena Warrior Princess" stuff during the Turners Auction back in the day, has some very interesting items from both series. One of them is for sale now, and it's quite a rarity: a roll of Original Footage from XWP!

As you can see in the close-up photo down below, the case says: "PACIFIC RENAISSANCE PICTURES LTD. / Xena Warrior Princess 10-5-2000 / STOCK 5274 / ROLL B1 / FOOTAGE 990"

Anna has no more info about the footage than the present in the case - but given the dates (year is 2000) then the footage must be from late Season 5 or early Season 6. I admit I have no idea if the 10-05 means "May 10th" or "October 5th", I always mess up months and days in english :p

>> EDIT: Anna tells me that in NZ it'd be "May 10th". 

Anyhow, this is from all angles an invaluable treasure! A roll of raw footage from the series, with the scenes that would end up comprising one/several episodes, plus possibly lots of never seen discharged material. Do you imagine it? How awesome is that?!?

Anna is flexible about price, so if you're interested don't doubt and make her an offer. Her mail is:

Cheers people!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Almost Monday eBay Roundup (XXI)

Hey everyone!

I'm in holidays (sort of) but I've found some time for a very quick update :)


   > Character: Draco. Gabrielle. Others.
   > Material: Urethane resin
   Papers: Not included
   Seller: aryas-needle
   Price: $300 plus shipping

   > Opinion: I love this kind of dagger - the one used by Draco in the first episode, by a roman-slayer Gabrielle in S4 "Ides of March", and by many other characters throughout all the seasons. This one seems well conserved and pricing isn't bad, but be aware it doesn't come with COA.


   > Manufacturer: Todd's Costumes
   > Number: 136/3000
   > COA: Included
   > Seller: sanfordandson2ndhand2
   > Price: $500 plus shipping (only USA)

   > Opinion: Yet another Xena sword replica by Todd's Costumes! For some reason they keep appearing as of late. This one has a very good (low) number and quite a decent price! Shipping within the States only, though - that is, of course, unless you convince the seller otherwise ;)


   > Manufacturer: Todd's Costumes
   > Number: 136/3000
   > COA: Included
   > Seller: sanfordandson2ndhand2
   > Price: $50 (already $62) plus shipping (only USA)

   > Opinion: Guys, what an excellent starting price! This is a one-time-only chance, you can be sure of it. Although it will probably grow past the $100, this might be a great opportunity to get this replica if you have it in your "must do" list. Same seller, so "only USA" too.


That's it. That was quick, I told you!

Cheers and have a nice summer days!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Xena Reboot?

Hello Xenites!

I'm sure you've all heard/read the news that have been around these past days about the possibility of a Xena reboot. And I'm sure most of you, like me, don't know what to make of them.

Some usually reliable websites and serious media are saying a new series is definitely happening. On the other hand, Lucy denies any knowledge of it, and declares it is all "wishful thinking". What should we think, then? Are they really considering the options? Is there something in early development? Or perhaps the powers that be are just trying to see if Xena still raises  interest?

I surely don't know, but Mary Dee from AUSXIP has written a very knowledgeable and comprehensive article about it all, leading to interesting (and clarifying) conclusions.

I strongly recommend that you take a look at it!

What are you waiting for? Go on and read! :)

Monday, July 6, 2015

Resin Xena sword replica by Todd's Costumes

Hey people!

Today there're not enough new Xena props or replicas online to make a proper eBay Monday Roundup, but nevertheless there is one very interesting listing that may deserve your attention.

I'm talking about a very rare and old Xena sword replica, made by Todd Coyle from Todd's Costumes back when he produced replicas for fans and his work was not officially licensed by Davis Panzer. The sword comes with a replica scabbard from back then as well.

   > Manufacturer: Todd's Costumes
   > Number: Unnumbered
   > COA: Includes paperwork provided by the author
   > Seller: pshepp1390
   > Price: $600 plus FREE shipping (only USA)

This sword is quite a rarity. I've only ever seen one like this before. It's made of hard resin instead of metal (unlike Todd's Costumes later iterations of Xena's sword) and hand-painted with quite fragile materials - the sword actually came/comes with very detailed instructions about the way to retouch the paint if needed. Neat.

On the other hand, let's be clear about something: this first replica is "imperfect". Later versions changed many details and polished quite a few details, which overall made them more screen accurate. For example, the patinas in both the blade and the handle are somehow clumsy here, whilst they became much more realistic afterwards.

Here you can appreciate the (simple) patina work.

However, these imperfections are in fact what make this replica valuable. This sword is a piece of a larger puzzle, that of the evolutive and ever-changing creative process behind all well-mastered replicas. The very first step. And that should be taken into account.

The scabbard is equally old and rare, and I must say equally imperfect - which I know firsthand since I have one of these very early unnumbered scabbards. Similarly to his sword replicas, Mr. Coyle actually improved his scabbards quite a lot after he was licensed, since it appears he started using what seem to be materials of higher quality.

All in all, this listing has a VERY good price for a piece (or pieces) that can't be described as any other thing than a collector's price. This are NOT the greatest Xena sword and scabbard replicas ever (and if you're looking for that you should avoid buying these) but two pieces with a lot of "historical" value and emotional weight within the world of Xena collecting.

>> NOTE: I have updated my Xena sword Comparisons according to this information. I invite you to take a look to that entry as well!

Friday, July 3, 2015

100 Entries!

Wow, it's true!

100 entries, no less! After almost two years, tons of research and a good deal of effort this blog has just surpassed the first number worth noticing :) 

Xena Prop Treasures has 100 entries!

It may not seem "much" compared to other blogs, but for me it's a success. Two years ago I hadn't even thought abut writing a blog about Xena props and replicas, but look at me now. It's been a long journey, but if I've made it so far it's thanks to all the Xenites that show interest in prop and replica collecting in this our ever-growing and ever-changing community. 

This is just the beginning...

And this is just the beginning. I still have many many entries planned ahead, including brand new eBay Roundups, Prop and Replica Comparisons, Where's Waldo? entries and much more. And of course (fingers crossed) more My Collection as well. 

So here's for other 100 more! Battle on!

Now let's go for the next 100!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Late Monday eBay Roundup (XX)

Hello people!

I apologize for this late Monday eBay Roundup entry, yesterday I wasn't able to steal any time at all. But better late than never, right? Let's see what new items we can find this week:


   > Character: Gabrielle, during S1
   > Material: Different kinds of fabric (linen?)
   Papers: COA from It's a Wrap!
   Seller: deguston
   Price: $4,000 plus shipping (only USA)

   > Opinion: Just WOW! This is definitely something! A highly iconic, well preserved and super rare piece from the beginning of Season 1 no less! It would deserve a whole entry all by itself :) The costume comes with all the paperwork plus some extra stuff like a handwritten letter from Renée and a signed photo. It's clearly very expensive, but those who collect original costumes will know it's not out of a "usual" price range for pieces like this.

If you want to know more about this costume I refer you to the magnificent replica that Liz (fellow blogger and amazing cosplayer) did and documented in her blog, Gift of the Gab.


   > Character: Unknown
   > Material: Urethane resin
   Papers: Not mentioned
   Seller: llamawerntz
   Price: $2,500 plus shipping (only USA)

   > Opinion: All right. This is a nice resin sword, and it looks to be in good condition, but come on. No mention of any kind of COA, nor to any character having used it. Just the sword and a very high price. Gab's costume is a unique piece, so the three zeros are worth it, but in my opinion (and judging from previous similar sales) this prop sword is simply overpriced.


   > Character: Unknown Amazon
   > Material: Beads. Leather.
   Papers: Not included
   Seller: amazonsrule2015
   Price: $9.99 plus shipping

   > Opinion: This is more like it. Here we have a very nice looking prop necklace. There's no COA, but seller claims it was used by one/some? of the Amazons. It might be true - there's no reason to doubt the word of the seller (this particular eBayer has been listing Xena props and replicas for a long time, with no bad feedback) and the price is very reasonable.


   > Character: Unknown Amazon
   > Material: Leather. Feathers.
   Papers: Not included
   Seller: amazonsrule2015
   Price: $29.99 plus shipping

   > Opinion: Same seller, and similarly interesting scenario. Like the necklace above, this belt is also an alleged amazon piece, with no COA. It too looks really cool, and has a good price - a bit higher due to the more intricate nature of this particular piece.


   > Character: Gabrielle in S2 "Blind Faith"
   > Material: Metal. Leather.
   Papers: COA form Turners
   Seller: beatles-rock
   Price: $350 plus shipping

   > Opinion: We have seen these before, but price has been reduced to a much more appealing amount, so I saw fit to include them in this week roundup. I invite you to check the listing for more detailed information.


   > Manufacturer: Todd's Costumes
   > Number: 241/3000
   > COA: Included
   > Seller: roberthsnipes
   > Price: $1,000 plus shipping

   > Opinion: Attention here. This is NOT an "authentic prop" as the listing says, this is a replica. Have that in mind before biding blindly. The COA is included, so you just have to check the photos to confirm what I'm saying. This kind of swords (of which we have seen a few as of late) are usually sold for HALF this price, so don't do anything you may regret later.


   > Manufacturer: Todd's Costumes
   > COA: Not mentioned
   > Seller: marlene0487
   > Price: $1,500 plus shipping (only USA), or Buy Now for $2,200

   > Opinion: Todd's Xena costumes are very popular, and this comes for a good price. Listing says it doesn't include the scabbard and that one armband is damaged. Chakram and sword are plastic. Measures can be read in the listing description.


   > Manufacturer: Marto of Toledo
   > Number: Unknown
   > COA: Included
   > Seller: anniehakey01
   > Price: $200 plus shipping (only USA), or Buy Now for $500

   > Opinion: Again, a 10th Anniversary gold Xena katana replica. Same opinion as always - nice katana, so-so replica. On the bright side, it comes with a cool stand and price is quite good!


This is all. This week was full of stuff, wasn't it?

Stay tuned for more very soon!


Sunday, June 21, 2015

Todd's Costumes at WonderCon 2014

Hey everybody!

I just watched this video and felt like sharing. It's from last year, so some of you may know it already, but for those who don't it's totally worth it!

The video is a very short interview with Todd Coyle from Todd's Costumes recorded at WonderCon 2014. It's quite cool and interesting because as Mr. Coyle and his interviewer speak we get to see very nice shots and close-ups to some of his most popular Xena costume replicas (Xena's, Gabrielle's and Callisto's costumes) along with many other from famous films such as Gladiator or Indiana Jones.

I specially liked the close-ups focused on Gabrielle's leather belt and, of course, Callisto's amazing costume and dagger.

I hope you enjoy the watch! :)


Monday, June 8, 2015

Monday eBay Roundup (XIX)

Greetings everyone!

The last few weeks have been a bit quiet due to the lack of Xena news, but it seems this week things are finally waking up a little. Let's take a look at the new items we can find right now on eBay.


   > Manufacturer: Todd's Costumes
   > Number: 099/1000
   > COA: Not included
   > Seller: kalikins2014
   > Price: $200 plus shipping (only USA), or Make Offer

   > Opinion: Sais are not a thing to find on eBay too often, so this is neat! PROS: Cool items, well made, low number, and definitely good price! & CONS: Missing COA, unexperienced seller (only 1 review on their profile) and shipping within the USA only.


   > Manufacturer: Marto of Toledo
   > Number: Not numbered
   > COA: Not mentioned
   > Seller: kalikins2014
   > Price: $300 plus shipping (only USA), or Make Offer

   > Opinion: I've stated my opinion about these katanas in several occasions (nicely made but inaccurate katana). I stick to it. Nevertheless, price seems fair (far less than what we usually find around) and the item looks very well conserved. Same seller as above.


   > Manufacturer: Marto of Toledo
   > Number: Not numbered
   > COA: Not mentioned
   > Seller: gooser2012
   > Price: $99.99 plus shipping

   > Opinion: Why do katanas always seem to come in pairs? :) I've also said what I think of Marto's Gabrielle katanas many times (less accurate than Xena's, but at the same time quite fine katanas). This one is exceptionally cheap, so if you're interested this might be your best chance!


   > Manufacturer: Marto of Toledo
   > Number: Not numbered
   > COA: Not mentioned
   > Seller: sonofkrypton22
   > Price: $449 plus shipping 

   > Opinion: Samo samo hehe Not the first of these to review either. They come with many cool thingies but these katanas are even less accurate than the regular ones. Still, they are a nice collectible and I'm sure many owners are happy with theirs. This one comes from seller sonofkrypton22 (aka Otsillac) and it's a but more expensive than the one above.


   > Character: Borias. Xena.
   > Material: Urethane resin
   Papers: COA from Turners
   Seller: sonofkrypton22
   Price: $289.99 plus shipping

   > Opinion: Also from Otsillac there's this very cool Borias-style sword. This kind of sword was used by both Borias and Xena (in her evil warlord days), and unless specified it could have been used by either them or the stunt doubles. Original, and very well-conserved for a screen-used prop.


   > Character: Xena (or double)
   > Material: Wood. Leather.
   Papers: Not mentioned
   Seller: sonofkrypton22
   Price: $350 plus shipping

   > Opinion: What a curious piece! Otsillac says this is a OOAK (One Of A Kind) piece that was sold by creation Entertainment. It includes a 10x15 photo, signed by Lucy, plus a small piece of leather that seems to have belonged to her costume. Also a small plaque. It looks nice!


   > Manufacturer: Todd's Costumes
   > Number: 500/1000
   > COA: Included
   > Seller: beatles-rock
   > Price: $500 plus shipping

   > Opinion: A non-splitting Y&Y chakram. The painting scheme seems a bit dark, but it might be due to the lighting (you should definitely ask the seller). This chakram is a bit more expensive than the ones we've found as of late, but on the brighter side the seller DOES ship outside the US.


   > Character: Unknown
   > Material: Leather. Rivets.
   Papers: COA from Turners
   Seller: traysea
   Price: $37.99 (2 bids already) plus shipping

   > Opinion: Very nice looking gauntlets. As it usually happens with most Turner's items, these gauntlets are unidentified and could come from either Xena Warrior Princess, Hercules or Young Hercules. If you recognize these gauntlets please let me know or write the seller so they can update the description in their listing.


Well, here we are. End of the entry. Not huge but not bad, huh?

Keep an eye open for updates or new entries, people :)


Monday, May 11, 2015

Monday eBay Roundup (XVIII)

Hey Xenites!

This week we DO have a Monday roundup, isn't that great? :) A few new Xena items have been listed on eBay, and although they're not many they're very cool - I'm sure many of you will be highly interested on them.

So let's take a look, shall we?


   > Manufacturer: Todd's Costumes
   > Number: 301/3000
   > COA: Included
   > Seller: redfox0_0
   > Price: $350 plus shipping (only USA), or Buy Now for $500

   > Opinion: I hadn't seen one of these in a while. I must say I LOVE this piece - it has a good low number, the paint looks great and it's undoubtedly well conserved. It's worth mentioning that although the COA says 3000, this is a mistake (confirmed by Todd Coyle himself). It should say 301/1000, as the license only covered 1000 units.
>> EDIT: Seller indicated paint is slightly chipped in the handle, and there will be a price reduction when the bidding is over.


   > Manufacturer: Todd's Costumes
   > Number: 488/1000
   > COA: Included
   > Seller: redfox0_0
   > Price: $300 plus shipping (only USA), or Buy Now for $500

   > Opinion: Same seller, and very similar piece. This one doesn't split in two pieces, but it's nonetheless a gorgeous piece. I's sure it'll find a loving home without much trouble :)


   > Manufacturer: Todd's Costumes
   > Number: Unknown 
   > COA: Included
   > Seller: redfox0_0
   > Price: $200 plus shipping (only USA), or Buy Now for $350

   > Opinion: I reviewed one of these not too long ago (here) and I stick to what I said. Price is quite reasonable too.


   > Manufacturer: Marto of Toledo
   > Number: Unknown
   > COA: Included
   > Seller: redfox0_0
   > Price: $500 plus shipping (only USA), or Buy Now for $700

   > Opinion: What can I say about Marto's 10th Anniversary katanas? Pros: very nicely done pieces, a very realistic katana feel, noble materials, gold... Cons: not very accurate. Specially in this case (Gabrielle's katana) this replica feels little like the original prop (that you can see here).


   > Manufacturer: Marto of Toledo
   > Number: Unknown
   > COA: Included
   > Seller: redfox0_0
   > Price: $500 plus shipping (only USA), or Buy Now for $700

   > Opinion: Same opinion as in Gabrielle's katana - although I must say Xena's katana replica is slightly more similar to the prop than Gabrielle's. Still, a nice sword. If you want to check a 100% screen accurate Xena katana I invite you to take a look at here.


UPDATED with two more items from the same seller:


   > Manufacturer: Todd's Costumes
   > Number: 221/3000
   > COA: Included
   > Seller: redfox0_0
   > Price: $300 plus shipping (only USA), or Buy Now for $550

   > Opinion: There's not much to say about this sword, it speaks for itself. Very nice and sought-after piece. Similarly to the sword we saw last week (here), this one is listed a very reasonable price, plus it comes with COA and has a good numbering.


   > Manufacturer: Todd's Costumes
   > Number: Unknown 
   > COA: 249/3000
   > Seller: redfox0_0
   > Price: $200 plus shipping (only USA), or Buy Now for $350

   > Opinion: I'm not a huge fan of Todd's Costumes scabbards (hence why I decided to make my own version) but his early pieces had a high quality unseen later on. So although this might not be a 100% screen-accurate scabbard I'm sure it'll be a great collectible.


That's all. As I said, not many items, but I'm sure they'll fly :)

Stay tuned friends!

Monday, April 20, 2015

A Creation Ent Y&Y chakram replica on eBay!

Hi Xena collectors!

This week there's no Monday roundup due to the lack of new items on eBay, but one very interested item was listed and I couldn't let it pass :)

   > Manufacturer: Creation Entertainment
   > Number: 072/500
   > COA: Included
   > Seller: xena_herc_memorabilia_by_sal_fan
   > Price: $250 plus shipping (only USA)

Yes ladies and gents, a Creation Ent shadowboxed Y&Y chakram replica, directly made by the prop masters of the show. I thought it might interest you because these pieces are not very common and only pop up once in a while - plus this one has a very low number and a very appealing starting bid.

The seller has (0) eBay feedback, which could raise some eyebrows, but remember both eBay and PayPal provide buyer's insurance - so in the eventuality the seller would not deliver you'd be well guarded and get your money back. Nevertheless, there's no reason to jump into conclusions too soon. Everyone has to start somewhere, right?

Stay tuned!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Metal Xena sword replica on eBay!

Hello people!

Quite a few of you have asked me one time or another about metal Xena sword replicas and where to get them. Well, today might be your lucky day, as one has just appeared for sale on eBay!

   > Manufacturer: Todd's Costumes
   > Number: 014/3000
   > COA: Not included
   > Seller: onesock52
   > Price: $375 (or Buy Now for $500) plus shipping (only USA)

As you can see, the seller has listed a a Todd's Costumes Xena sword replica, made in aluminum, with a very low number and in really good condition. Seller says she had it displayed for ten years, and feels now it's the right time to let it go. The sword is legit, you can trust me on that, but seller says COA is not included -though she might send it later if she finds it.

Price is impressively good as well, above all if we consider the sword comes with another Todd's replica: a leather amazon scabbard -one that seems to be quite old too, which is always a good sign of quality in this kind of reproductions. Here's a pic of it:

Overall my opinion is this is a rarely good deal if you want a metal Xena sword. Only "but" is that she has marked it as "Only USA" for the shipping -though if you write her and are conveying enough she might change her mind, who knows. If that's your case, fingers crossed :)

Battle on Xenites!

Friday, April 10, 2015

My Collection (X): Xena's Leather Scabbard (Made by me)

Hey everybody!

I promised on my Facebook page that I'd take good photos of the Xena leather scabbard I made, and here they are! For clarity's sake, this is not either the scabbard reproduction made by Creation Entertainment nor Todd's Costumes, but a replica 100% done by me.

For some reason Xena's scabbard is a favorite piece of mine -and given I couldn't find one as screen accurate as I wanted I decided to make it myself.

Let's take a closer look!

Front and Back of the scabbard.
Perspective shots of the Front and Back.

The scabbard is composed by 3 things (or groups of things): 

- The Core: made by XPS or extruded polystyrene foam, as I believe the original props were made of as well.

- The Covering: that is the leather itself. I used real cow leather, in a very specific chocolate hue (Xena's trademark color) that looks brown or black depending the light. it was quite challenging to find! The thickness had to be precise too, as a thiner leather would have looked wrong, while a thicker one would have been impossible to bend. 

- The Appliances: brooches, rivets and hooks. The golden brooches are made in resin and painted gold -and are made exactly after the ones in the prop. The hooks are brass, and with these I took some small liberties to achieve what I considered the best look possible.

Both sides of the scabbard with my Xena sword replica.
Sheathed sword shot.

As some of you requested, I've also taken some pics of the scabbard alongside my Creation Ent Xena sword replica. I think they match, right? :)

The leather has been carefully treated with several tools and products (sandpaper, alcohol, acetone, baby powder, show name some) in order to achieve the right battle-worn and aged look any Xena scabbard should have -more visible in the following close-ups.

Close-up to the top of the scabbard.
Close-up to the middle of the scabbard.
Close-up to the tip of the scabbard.
Longitudinal angled shot of the sword and scabbard.

The tricky thing about the scabbard is that although it might not be the most difficult piece to make all the details have to be perfect to get the right effect. Shape, material, color, finish... It took me some tries to get them all right. It was a long process at times, but I think the result is totally worth it. 

This is the blueprint I made - a little "present" that I hope you will like!

My blueprints to make the leather scabbard.

Apart from thousands of screen caps, my biggest inspiration (for the blueprints and for the making process itself) has been the Xena scabbard prop found at the Te Papa Museum collection at New Zealand.

Xena prop scabbard at the Te Papa Museum.

If someone is interested in a scabbard like this feel free to write me a line and I'll happy to see how I can help you. I really enjoyed making this replica, and making more can be fun!

I levee you now with some images of Xena wearing her scabbard. Battle on!