Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Where's Waldo?: Help identifying a couple of props

Hey people!

Fellow Xenite Sandra has written me asking for help. She wants to identify two props she got back in 2002: a dark leather skirt and a white leather belt.

Unless very iconic, props (and even more costumes) are tricky to spot. Items were often used in several episodes, and even in different series (as the prop department was the same for all Renaissance Pictures, it was normal to use props and costumes in all three Xena, Hercules and Young Hercules). COAs and accompanying papers are usually of little help too, as they tend to provide very simplistic descriptions.

So I've decided to continue a tradition started by the Xena Prop House and launch a new section called "Where's Waldo?". The idea is sharing all the pics and available info with you, to see if among all of us we succeed at helping Sandy, and eventually, other people.

Here you have some pictures. The skirt is made of two sides (back and front), each composed by four dark leather layers/petals adorned with metal rivets.

The white leather belt looks to be made to carry a sword with scabbard or any other kind of weapon, and also has rivets. It presents what looks to be a big "M" written in the backside.

Any clue? Do these props ring a bell for you? If they do or if you locate them in any episode, please don't doubt to tell me or write Sandra herself. Any kind of suggestion or clue will be appreciated.

Her mail is: sandra.plankey@snet.net

Please, collaborate! I'm sure together we can make it!


  1. The black leather skirt is not a skirt. I am unsure of the correct name sorry but they sit sideways and protect the thighs while riding. I have several pairs and they all have loops on the inside to tighten on your legs. Yes PR used these generic parts for several costumes. There is a matching breastplate to this piece which looks the same but has shoulder pieces.

    1. Wow, that was quick! And helpful! Thanks a lot Anna :) Do you have any idea which characters used them? Army riders? Amazon riders, perhaps?