Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tips on the Xena Prop Sword

Hey guys!

Taylor, a fellow Xenite, sends us a couple of tips about Xena Prop Swords. They complement the analysis I did in the Xena sword comparisons.

He says this: "A couple other things regarding your swords piece. First, when I got the sword I was blown away by how thick the Paua shells are, at least several centimeters. They are embedded in the sword but so all certainly protrude out. I've never seen any kind of purchase able Paua shells that are like them at all. Huge tell tale sign."

Photo by Taylor (aka TransGabbylol).

"Also, another tell tale sign of a genuine prop is that the sword tips are bent because they were hung with the tips touching the ground. To straighten them, the props folks would lay the swords between two boards in the sun for a bit." This last bit is definitely very curious to know :)

Photo by Taylor (aka TransGabbylol).

Pics are from Taylor's own prop sword, a resin prop with an embedded metal rod, used for up-close fighting scenes. Quite a beauty!

Photo by Taylor (aka TransGabbylol).

Thanks for the info and the photos Taylor!

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