Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Shadowboxed Replicas from a Con

Hello everybody!

It seems the proximity to Xena con is stirring the atmosphere. Lot's of props are coming out these days! Good for us collectors :)

Today I bring you a rare piece: a Xena chakram and a Gabwhacker, shadowboxed together with a signed picture. It's huge!

   > Manufacturer: I believe the props inside are Creation Ent replicas.
   > Number: Unknown.
   > COA: Not included.
   Seller: scotth_trimco
   Price: $300 plus shipping (only USA)

   > Opinion: Seller says they acquired this in a convention (they think 2001). He describes much about the shadowbox, but nothing about the pieces themselves. However, I believe they are Creation Ent replicas. Why? Well, they are not Todd's replicas. Nor Icons, of that I'm sure. They look made by the propmasters. Hence they could be props, but I highly doubt two original pieces sold only for $1900 (the purchase price, according to the listing). At least regarding to chakram props, they are very rare, and always sell for MUCH more than that. Same with staffs, and more so if they look so clean and crisp like this one. So my bet is on Creation.

Then what? On the one side, Creation replicas are the best. On the other hand, no COAs means no numbers of the limited editions... If anyone gets more info on them, please tell.

Have a happy Wednesday!

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