Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A treasure in the heart of NYC

Hey again!

Also thanks to Taylor, something I didn't know. It turns out there's a little Xena treasure hidden on plain sight in NYC's own heart, Times Square: an Original Chakram prop, on display at Planet Hollywood.

It seems Lucy Lawless donated the prop herself in a visit to the Planet Hollywood in Chicago, back in 1996. Cool, huh?

Nowadays, the chakram remains the property of Planet Hollywood, but has somehow found its way to New York. Here's the pic Taylor sends us!

Imagine my face when I've found out a real chakram was just a couple of blocks away from the place where I lived for years!

The Xena prop world remains a box full of surprises!


  1. It's really crazy, too - because it's kind of hanging all by itself at the far end of the restaurant. I had absolutely no idea to expect it!

    1. Hahaha If I go there they'll have to put a table under the chakram, cause I won't go away from it :p