Thursday, December 19, 2013


Attention people!

A good opportunity just popped out on eBay! A Yin&Yang chakram replica from Creation Entertainment is for sale

   > Manufacturer: Creation Entertainment
   > Number: 347/500
   > COA: Not mentioned
   > Seller: tem0822
   > Price: from $199 to $275 plus shipping (only USA)

   > Opinion: Creation Ent replicas are rare, and under my opinion, the most accurate replicas there are. Color scheme seems quite ok on this one, and it's selling relatively cheap. That said, it's important to underline a couple of things. First, it's a later number, and that means the chakram has the words "New Zealand Made" engraved in one of the sides of the blade. Not everybody likes that (I don't, for an instance). Plus, it only ships within the US. All in all, it's an opportunity you don't see every day!

More items for sale later!


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