Wednesday, December 18, 2013

More Xena prop replicas

Updates from eBay!

Today we have the following three additions:


   > Manufacturer: Marto Swords of Spain
   > Number: as far as I know, they are not numbered
   > COA: Not mentioned
   > Seller: beatles-rock
   > Price: $349.99 plus shipping

   > Opinion: Marto is not known for their accurate replicas. However, I think their katanas are the best replicas they made. Gabrielle's is less accurate than Xena's (the blue color is a bit too light), but if you are not obsessed about that this katana is a very cool sword.


   > Manufacturer: Marto Swords of Spain
   > Number: as far as I know, they are not numbered either
   > COA: Not mentioned
   > Seller: dgwing99
   > Price: from $300 to $450 plus shipping

   > Opinion: Same thing as before, more or less. The Super katana is the least accurate of Marto's replicas, so far I wouldn't even call it a replica - I'd say it's "inspired" in Xena. It does, however, come with a cool set of tools.


   > Manufacturer: Icons Prop Replicas
   > Number: 436/5000
   > COA: Included
   > Seller: bluerouteantiques
   > Price: $750 plus shipping

   > Opinion: Icons chakrams are rare. They were the first chakram replicas ever made, but the company never finished the line cause they dissolved before. I don't think they reached more than 550 or 600. Their quality is not bad, though they are not as accurate as Creation Ent replicas (black lines are too thick, and the metal is too shiny and polished). For me, the best part is the rock base! And it seems this one has been unopened.

>> EDIT: Too late! Already sold!


That's all for now folks! Stay tuned!

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