Wednesday, December 11, 2013

My collection (I): Creation Ent Original Chakram 385/500

Hey you all!

Today I present you the first post of many about my personal props/repros collection. I intend to post more as soon as I find time, but for now here you have some pics of my Creation Entertainment original chakram replica.

But before, for those who don't know it, a bit of handy information! :)

Creation Entertainment was the company distributing Xena replicas and merchandise back when the series was still being produced. Their replicas are very much notorious because of their high quality and their low quantity. Both things are due to the fact that they were directly made by the prop masters of the series themselves, in New Zealand. In other words, the Creation Ent repros were made by the same hands that built the actual props of the series. That, folks, makes them the most accurate replicas in the market by far. And given only small numbers were licensed (numbers that almost never were reached), it makes them the hardest replicas to get.

Now (at last!) some pics

As you can see, both sides are different. One presents a saw-like pattern, while the other has a typical greek pattern. Those details make it awesome for me, I love the asymmetry. And somehow, it also represent the two sides of Xena herself: the calm and cold one, versus the aggressive and warrior.

Side 1 - The squared greek pattern.
Side 2 - The saw-like jagged pattern.
Both sides of the chakram opposed one to the other.

Here you can see the blade. Kind of thick and blunt, my only "but". 

The blade seen from both sides of the chakram.

And finally, the shadowbox! 

First the number plaque (kind of blurry, sorry). It reads: "Chakram" - Forged by the blacksmiths at Pacific Renaissance Pictures Ltd. New Zealand - Limited edition 385 of 500". Only 500 in the whole world, people!

Close-up to the brass plaque.

And then, proudly hanging on my wall! 

Chakram shadowbox - Natural light.

Last but no least, a bonus! Pics from the series in the hands (and thighs) of Callisto and Xena. I know you love it! :)

Battle on!

Until the next one!

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