Thursday, December 19, 2013

For Sale: Archangel Sword

Hey guys!

A contact just passed me this info. He's selling the following prop sword:

   > Character: Xena. Archangels.
   > Material: Heavy resin
   > Papers: Not mentioned
   > Price: $150 plus shipping

This is a prop sword used in the S5 episode "Fallen Angel". Owner says it's a stunt, but given the amount of detail I think it's a hero prop. It presents some wear and tear due to on-screen use.

This type of sword was wielded by Xena and all the other archangels, so there's no certain way to know to whom it belonged. Given this, it's a rare prop, but not one of a kind - I've seen a few around. However, this is the first archangel sword I've ever found with the red ribbons intact, and that's a big plus. And the price is very reasonable :)

If you are interested drop me a line and I'll put you in contact with the seller!



  1. Hi- I have a nice angel sword prop, but not as much of red ribbons left-If it hasn't sold already, I'm interested in buying it.


    1. Hello! This sword was a looong while ago, so I'm not sure if the sword is still for sale. Nevertheless, I invite you to try to contact the seller. Name's James, and he went by eBay alias "jnsmcmahan". Good luck!