Wednesday, December 25, 2013

For Sale: Swords

Christmas offers!

More Xena stuff for sale, perfect for the time of the year :)

First, Pam is selling a couple of swords:


   > Character: Xena's Pirate Captain, Second in Command
   > Material: Heavy resin
   > Papers: Not mentioned
   > Price: £75 plus shipping

   > Opinion: From the unforgettable S2 Episode "Destiny". Certainly not a classic sword from any main character, but it's a very nice prop. It's original, it's un-damaged (that's rare) and it's relatively cheap. 


   > Manufacturer: Unknown
   > Material: Metal. Paui.
   > COA: Not included
   > Price: £75 plus shipping

   > Opinion: This sword is a bit of a mystery. Pam bought it from Bob Felix, a well-known Xena collector that passed away some years ago. Its blade has been sharpened (it seems Felix liked to do with that with his replicas). due to the similitudes in the hilt, I think it could be a customized Marto Xena sword replica (which has a different leather and no paui shells) or even a prototype. All in all, as far as I know it's a OOAK item.


On the other hand, Stacie is willing to part with her Helicon sword.

   > Character: Amazon Queen
   > Material: Heavy resin
   > Papers: Included
   > Price: $400 plus shipping

   > Opinion: This sword has history. It belonged to Barbara "Barbie" Arms herself. For those who don't know her, Barbie was the head and founder of the Xena Prop House, an organization that helped collectors catalogue and identify props from Xena and Hercules. Thus, she was the expert to go if you had any questions regarding props. Plus, it's a Helicon sword, wielded by the Amazon Queens in the S6 episode "To Helicon and Back". It presents some wear and tear from use, but overall is in good shape. A very interesting piece!


That's all for now! If you are interested in any of these pieces or want further information, feel free to write me or contact the sellers.

   To contact Pam (Corsair sword & Xena sword):
   To contact Stacie (Helicon sword):

Have a great day! Cheers!


  1. Trying 2 determine prices 4 genuine XWP props I'm donating 2 a fundraising auction. Any help would b appreciated!

    1. Sure! Feel free to send me more info or photos to my e-mail, I believe you can find it in my Blogger profile.