Monday, November 24, 2014

Updated photos!

Hello Xenites!

Today I'm proud to announce I finally did some "homework" I've had pending for a long time: to update the photos I have of my props and replicas, and to add some new and improved shots.

I invite you to check the entries under the label "My collection" and take a look at the brand new pics! I've also tweaked the written info in some of them to add some new insight on the pieces.

My collection (I): Creation Ent Original Chakram 385/500

Brand new photos of the Original chakram.

- My collection (II): Creation Ent Yin Yang Chakram 116/500

Brand new photos of the Yin Yang chakram.

- My collection (III): Creation Ent Xena's Battle Sword 25/500

Brand new photos of Xena's battle sword.

- Reunited at last!

Updated photos of Xena and Gabrielle's katanas side by side.

I hope you all enjoy the new pics. Over the course of this week I'll be adding new entries of "My collection" with new info and photos of the katanas, my Gabrielle staff, and more.

Stay tuned people!

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