Monday, November 17, 2014

Hercules and Xena: Wizards of the Screen (II)

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I just wanted to continue a little bit with the info about the Universal Studios attraction about Hercules and Xena (read the first part here).

It turns one of the main appeals of the attraction was the queue itself - as happens today with rides such as Harry Potter, the queue was decorated with original props from the series! Isn't that cool?

Photo courtesy of Chris from Xena Stuff.

I borrowed these two incredible pictures from the great site of fellow Xenite Chris, Xena Stuff (hope you don't mind, Chris). You can read her post about the Herc&Xena attraction right here.

Photo courtesy of Chris from Xena Stuff.

In the pics we can see several original chakrams (I'm assuming made out of different materials depending on the scene), a trademark Xena sword, scabbard and breast dagger, a whip, a Hera peacock feather, what looks to be a quiver, a pair of Xena boots, gauntlets, an axe, several swords and daggers, a pair of sandals and some fur/leather pieces.

I would had loved to see those pieces in the flesh back in the day, but as I mentioned in the first part, the attraction was closed down many years ago. A real pity because now the park would have had a real cult-following kick-ass attraction! Guess they didn't think of that.

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