Wednesday, November 26, 2014

My collection (V): Xena's FIN Katana "Twin Sister"

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Continuing these brief reviews about my personal most relevant props and replicas, today I bring you one of my most priced items: my Xena FIN katana.

This, by all means, is NOT Marto's Xena katana replica, nor a replica either. This is a 100% screen-accurate "twin sister" katana of the one used on the series, made by the same expert katana masters that built the original prop for FIN. That means my katana is painstakingly identical to the prop in every way, an exact match to the tiniest detail.

The katana and the Saya (sheath) in full length.
The hilt - Tsuba (guard), Tsuka (grip) and Kashira (pommel).

The whole sword is gorgeous, but let's take a closer look.

The hilt is typically composed of three pieces: the Tsuba (hand guard) the Tsuka (grip) and the Kashira (the butt cap or pommel). Both the Tsuba and the Kashira are engraved with beautifully crafted brass reliefs representing bucolic scenes of a nightingale or a phoenix (in mythic symbology, the female counterpart to the male dragon - that adorns Gabrielle's katana). 

Close-up to one of the sides of the Tsuba (guard).
Close-up to the other side of the Tsuba (guard).
The Kashira (pommel) and its relief.
Complementarily, the Tsuka (the grip) is composed by a bright red Tsukaito (handle wrap) that hides a very intricate dragon Menuki (palm ornament). Robert Tapert commented in an interview that the red was the chosen color for Xena because it reflects her fiery passion.

The Tsuka (grip) and the Menuki (palm ornament).

On the other hand, the Saya (the sheath) is on its own merits a piece of art as well. Made of a stunning deep marbled garnet material with a pearly finish, its ends and its middle section are also adorned with brass reliefs that continue the theme of the nightingale/phoenix.

The Saya (sheath) in full length.
Close-up to the top of the Saya (sheath).
Close-up to the middle section of the Saya (sheath).
Close-up to the tip of the Saya (sheath).
All the different ornaments of the Saya (sheath) aligned.

Altogether, the katana with its sheath is a piece that results very impressive in person. I feel very very lucky to have found it - and more so of having it reunited with the original Gabrielle katana prop (which I'll show you next).

I leave you know with some photos of FIN featuring Xena's katana.

Gabrielle also used Xena's katana, when... you know... Xena lost her head.

And there in a cool-looking stand in Yodoshi's house/temple. 

Hope you enjoyed this entry :)
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