Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Icons chakram on eBay


While you wait for the second part of my chakram comparisons (be patient), check this out! An Icons chakram replica for sale on eBay, just now that I wrote so much about them :)

   > Manufacturer: Icons Prop Replicas
   > Number: 160/5000
   > COA: Included (as well as Icons Guarantee)
   > Seller: packratsunny
   > Price: $600 plus shipping

   > Opinion: This is an Early Official Replica (score 3,5/5 in accuracy). It seems to be intact, and comes with a pristine rock base and papers. Not bad. I'd personally say it's a bit expensive (an more so in the "Buy Now" option, at $880 plus shipping). However, it's certainly cheaper than the one we saw some weeks ago.


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