Tuesday, July 22, 2014

For Sale: Elizabeth's Xena porcelain doll

Hello again!

I don't usually do merchandise, but Elizabeth (a long-term Xena collector) has asked me to share with all of you guys that she's selling her porcelain Xena doll. And I can't say no to that! :)

These 24'' dolls were made back in 1997 and are numbered and signed by their author, artist George Harlan. Signature can be found on the doll's right shoulder blade. Detail photo under these lines.

They normally include a miniature staff, chakram and sword with scabbard. The sword is included, but Elizabeth tells me the staff and chakram were already missing when she bought this doll a long time ago. She has replaced the mini chakram with a keychain, though.

She also notes the backplate broke and she glued it back together. You'll be able to notice the fracture if you look closely at the image.

About the price, Elizabeth is willing to give a very good deal. The ones on eBay usually sell for around $300 (the ones currently listed are selling for $495 and $295), but she's offering her doll for $200.

If interested let me know or write a mail to Elizabeth.
Her mail is: elizabethelfman704@hotmail.com


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