Sunday, April 17, 2016

For Sale: Sabrina's Collection (Part 2)

Hello everyone!

Remember Sabrina, whose collection I told you about some months ago? Well, she wants to sell some new pieces, and I think many of you will be interested. They are quite cool, so let's take a look, shall we?


   > Character: Livia (Eve) and Varia, over S5 and S6.
   > Material: Heavy resin. Leather.
   Price: $400 plus shipping

   > Opinion: An amazing piece. This sword was/is a work of art. Its design is very intricate and detailed, and it kind of reminds me of Callisto's sword. Which makes sense. Anyhow, although not the metal hero prop, but this is definitely a piece made to see up-close in the camera. The paint seems very well preserved, so that is good too. A very very nice piece!


   > Character: Unknown.
   > Material: Parchment / Scroll paper.
   Price: $300 plus shipping

   > Opinion: Scrolls are very rare, and very sought after collector pieces. This one has the Ares emblem, and it's similar to at least another prop scroll I've seen before. It's very well preserved, but it comes without the rods. Also, Sabrina asked me to clarify the frame is not part of the deal. If you want the frame too then talk to her for a price quote.


   > Character: Draco. Gabrielle. Others.
   > Material: Resin.
   Price: $150 plus shipping

   > Opinion: This roman-style dagger is one of the most recognizable dagger models in the entire series! It was used dozens of times by many characters, most prominently by Draco in S1 "Sins of the Past" and Gabrielle in S4 "Ides of March". Painted to look like gold, leather and steel. I have seen a few examples of this style dagger and this one is in excellent condition. Sabrina also acquired it from long time Xena collector Xenasbard.


   > Character: Unknown.
   > Material: Resin. Fabric?
   Price: $150 plus shipping

   > Opinion: I'm sure I've seen this dagger before, although I don't know where. If someone does please let me know. It was sold by It's a Wrap! and comes with all their paperwork.


And that's all, friends. Sabrina still has some of the pieces seen last time for sale, with reduced prices. So if you're interested don't doubt to let her know.

This is her mail address:

I heartily hope these pieces will soon find a caring home!

Cheers everyone!

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