Friday, April 10, 2015

My Collection (X): Xena's Leather Scabbard (Made by me)

Hey everybody!

I promised on my Facebook page that I'd take good photos of the Xena leather scabbard I made, and here they are! For clarity's sake, this is not either the scabbard reproduction made by Creation Entertainment nor Todd's Costumes, but a replica 100% done by me.

For some reason Xena's scabbard is a favorite piece of mine -and given I couldn't find one as screen accurate as I wanted I decided to make it myself.

Let's take a closer look!

Front and Back of the scabbard.
Perspective shots of the Front and Back.

The scabbard is composed by 3 things (or groups of things): 

- The Core: made by XPS or extruded polystyrene foam, as I believe the original props were made of as well.

- The Covering: that is the leather itself. I used real cow leather, in a very specific chocolate hue (Xena's trademark color) that looks brown or black depending the light. it was quite challenging to find! The thickness had to be precise too, as a thiner leather would have looked wrong, while a thicker one would have been impossible to bend. 

- The Appliances: brooches, rivets and hooks. The golden brooches are made in resin and painted gold -and are made exactly after the ones in the prop. The hooks are brass, and with these I took some small liberties to achieve what I considered the best look possible.

Both sides of the scabbard with my Xena sword replica.
Sheathed sword shot.

As some of you requested, I've also taken some pics of the scabbard alongside my Creation Ent Xena sword replica. I think they match, right? :)

The leather has been carefully treated with several tools and products (sandpaper, alcohol, acetone, baby powder, show name some) in order to achieve the right battle-worn and aged look any Xena scabbard should have -more visible in the following close-ups.

Close-up to the top of the scabbard.
Close-up to the middle of the scabbard.
Close-up to the tip of the scabbard.
Longitudinal angled shot of the sword and scabbard.

The tricky thing about the scabbard is that although it might not be the most difficult piece to make all the details have to be perfect to get the right effect. Shape, material, color, finish... It took me some tries to get them all right. It was a long process at times, but I think the result is totally worth it. 

This is the blueprint I made - a little "present" that I hope you will like!

My blueprints to make the leather scabbard.

Apart from thousands of screen caps, my biggest inspiration (for the blueprints and for the making process itself) has been the Xena scabbard prop found at the Te Papa Museum collection at New Zealand.

Xena prop scabbard at the Te Papa Museum.

If someone is interested in a scabbard like this feel free to write me a line and I'll happy to see how I can help you. I really enjoyed making this replica, and making more can be fun!

I levee you now with some images of Xena wearing her scabbard. Battle on!


  1. OMG! Fucking Perfect!

  2. The scabbard in the picture from the Te Papa Museum looks like the mirror image of the scabbard you made. I don't mean that as a compliment (although you did great work). What is mean is it looks like your made your scabbard with the fringed edge on the wrong side. I know that both Creation and Todd made the scabbard that way and it bothers me because it is the mirror image of the way it should be.