Wednesday, March 11, 2015

ATTENTION! The 20th Anniv NZ Auction is happening NOW!


The 20th Anniversary NZ Auction (including props and crew gifts from Hercules, Xena, Jack of All Trades, Legend of the Seeker and LOTR) is happening NOW! RIGHT NOW!

The Auction is ONLINE, taking place in the Official Facebook Page of the Auction. This is the direct link to the Auction's FB page:

Screen-cap of some of the items being auctioned.

About the items being auctioned, Anna Low (person in charge and main responsible of the 20th Anniv Auction) says the following: 
We have been using the costumes from the Turners auction in 2000. The stunt doubles, the riding doubles and the horse costumes. We will be auctioning off most of our costumes, and crew gifts from us and other local film and TV crew March 2015. All items will be hand picked and verified by Anna Low as authentic and will come with a COA from the person selling the item. All items will come from cast and crew.

Each Pacific Renaissance item has a COA (Certificate of Authenticity) and copy of original Turners Auction receipt. Also for auction are 'crew gifts' - given to the crew who worked on the productions. Including an AWESOME crew chakram like the one we saw here.

The crew chakram being auctioned.

If you're interested in bidding, know that you must post your bid for each item in the photo's comments. Higher bidder wins when the auction closes on May 1st, at Midnight NZST. Shipping fees will apply.

Comments including further information on the items are also welcomed.

Spread the news and good luck!

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