Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Yahoo It's a Wrap! Auction (II)

Hello guys!

Here's the second part from the other day's entry dedicated to the Yahoo It's a Wrap! Auction (you can read the first part here - by the way, I've slightly edited it adding a couple of things to Gabrielle's section).

Let's continue taking a look at all the images of the amazing props and costumes that were auctioned and sold back then.

Once again, many thanks from here to the Italian Xena website "Xena Media" or for all the photos.


Ares' pieces are all awesome, as are Athena's. I also love the Kronos stone!

Ares' costume and accessories.
Ares' sword? Definitely not his trademark sword.
Regular and Mourning Aphrodite's costumes.
Cupid's costume, accessories, bow and arrows.
Athena's costume and accessories, plus her chief archers's (Ilainus) helmet. 
Hades' costume and accessories.
A Fury, Discord and Apollo's costumes.
The dagger of Helios (S5 "Seeds of Faith" version). 
Death's aka Celesta's candle.
A Kronos' stone.
Full ambrosia and petals - resin prop.
Golden Apples prop.


Joxer's pieces are all very iconic. And the Hydra plush is SO cool. I also love Hercules' trademark costume and gauntlets, as well as Iolaus'.

Joxer's trademark costume and in "The Bitter Suite" and "If the Shoe Firs".
Joxer's trademark gauntlets and accessories.
Autolycus' costumes.
Baby Eve's costume and plush Hydra.
Ephiny's costume and accessories.
Amazon's sword and scabbard.
Xenan's (Ephiny's son) centaur gear.
Lao Ma, Eli and Amarice's costumes.
Jace (Joxer's brother) various costumes.
Jace's shoes and accesories.
Virgil (Joxer's son) costumes.
Hercules' trademark costume.
Hercules' mighty gauntlets.
Iolaus and Nebula's costumes.


I think from this group I'd choose the Callisto costumes. Her staff/bag with the eye from "The Bitter Suite" is so awesome I can't think of a reason why it hasn't been replicated yet! Who wouldn't want one? lol

Draco's costumes.
Callisto's costumes and accessories in "The Bitter Suite" and "Fallen Angel".
Callisto's trademark costume accessories.
Caesar's various costumes and accessories.
Pompey's costume.
Alti's costumes in "Adventures in the Sin Trade", "Between the Lines",
"Send in the Clones" or "When Fates Collide".
Pao Tsu's costume.
Livia's bacanal costume.
Lucifer's archangel costume and gear.
Calligula's gown.
Prince Morloch's costume and pseudo-chakram.


Without doubt, from here I'd choose the scrolls (all of them!). The valkyrie helmet is amazing as well (all about the Valkyries' costumes rocks!).

One of Gabrielle's trademark scrolls.
Ming Tien's banner.
"The Play's the Thing" poster.
Kal's (God of War) knife.
"Evil" sword used in many episodes.
"Little Problems" scroll.
Guitar-weapon from "Lyre, Lyre, Hearts on Fire".
Guitar-weapon from "Lyre, Lyre, Hearts on Fire".
Valkyrie's helmet from "The Ring" trilogy.
Valkyries tapestry from "The Ring" trilogy.
C.H.A.K.R.A.M. sign from... "Soul Possession'? 
Xena's poster.
Harmonia's hourglass wristwatch from "If the Shoe Fits".


Now yes, this is pretty much all. There some other pictures in the original link, so I invite you to check it out yourselves. It's a very cool website!

Stay tuned for more!


  1. Anyone know where Athena's armor and Callisto's Bitter Suite costume ended up? I'm really interested in purchasing them.

    1. Hi!

      The costume used by Callisto in the Bitter Suite was sold through eBay some months ago. If I dig a little I think I can find the buyer's user name, but I believe you can find them on as well.

      About Athena's armor, I have no idea. I reckon seeing it on the Xenamuseum page, but I don't see it there anymore.

      If any other Xenite know more info, please do share :D


    2. Thanks so much. I'll look into