Friday, December 5, 2014

My collection (VII): Creation Ent Xena's Whip 16/?

Hey Xenites!

I still had one more entry pending under the label "My collection": the one for my Xena's leather whip replica, made by the propmasters of the show and distributed by Creation Entertainment.

This kind of Xena whip replica is very beautiful, as well as extremely rare. Here you have some pics of it.

Full view of Xena's whip.

The key difference of this particular version respect other Xena whip replicas is the handle - Creation's whip replica is the only version in which the metal parts are silver instead of gold.

The guard is made out of real metal and is adorned with sun-like geometrical designs. And, of course, it also presents paua shell inlays - Xena's signature touch in most of her weapons.

Front view of the guard, the paui shells and the reliefs.
Perspective view of the guard and the side ornament.
Close-up to the side ornament. 

Both the guard and the pommel are richly weathered with patinas to make the whip look used and "battle-worn".

Close-up to the pommel.

The whip itself is of course made out of genuine black leather, and follows the usual three-parts scheme in all whips: Thong, fall and popper. The leather strips seem to be braided around some sort of metal wire to achieve more sturdiness and higher resistance.

The thong, the fall and the popper.

As all Creation Ent replicas, my whip came with a COA. As you can see below I have number 16 of an unspecified limited edition. Why is that?

Creation's replica whips were produced in the early 2000s for very selected distribution. The original idea was producing only 15 of them, but seeing how fast they were sold Creation Ent decided to expand the edition a little bit. No one knows exactly how many of these were finally made and sold, but it's certain that not many - the highest number I've seen is #31.

The Certificate of Authenticity.

As usual, I leave you know with some photos of Xena using her mighty whip.

Cheers guys!

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