Sunday, September 7, 2014

Amazon sword for sale on eBay!

Hello people!

Just saw this on eBay and thought many would be interested: a real eagle Amazon sword for sale!

   > Character: Amazons (among others Ephiny and Amarice)
   > Material: Urethane resin.
   Papers: COA from Turners
   Seller: beatles-rock
   Price: $750 plus shipping

As James/Beatles-Rock points out in his listing, this is a first-line prop, VERY recognizable, and absolutely placed in the podium of honor of any Xenite along the chakram, the sais, or Xena's sword. Most of the copies in the market are replicas made by Todd's Costumes, but this is the real deal - I've only seen two of these resin prop eagle swords around. Comes with Turner's paperwork.

It is pricey (there's no denying that) but it's a good opportunity.


  1. Huh, I hadn't noticed until now... That's unfortunate, it was always nice to see some pretty swords.

  2. Great Post Thanks for sharing........