Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Reunited at last!

Hello people!

I'm very happy and proud to make this announcement. I've been wanting to share this with you for many days, but shippings and holidays got in the way. Never mind now, today is the day!

My big news is that two very special items are finally in my power: Gabrielle and Xena's katanas. But not just any katanas, no sir. The real deal! Here they are, look at them for yourselves and rejoice!

Both katanas and sheaths side by side.
Close-ups to the blades (left) and the hilts (right).

Gabrielle's katana is the OOAK metal prop used by Renee O'Connor herself in FIN, immediately recognizable thanks to the luscious dragon engravings and blue fabric. Screen-used and screen-matched! As far as the previous owners and I know, only one metal katana was used in FIN, making this item absolutely unique. Priceless! Thanks a lot, Sabrina!

On the other hand, Xena's katana might not be the original prop but it's a 100% screen-accurate "sister" of the one used on the series. Look at the nightingale engravings in the sheath, identical to the ones seen on screen! This katana was made by the same katana masters that built the prop for FIN, making this an exact match to the tiniest detail. Mind-blowing as well!

And they are "reunited" at last, after so many years!

I'll post more photos (of better quality) soon!

Stay tuned!

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