Monday, March 3, 2014

Monday eBay Roundup (III)

Hello guys!

New Monday, new props! For a moment I thought there wouldn't be much new to talk about, but then, during the week-end...bang! :) New stuff!

So let's see, what do we have this week on eBay?


   > Manufacturer: Icons Prop Replicas
   > Number: 160/5000
   > COA: All papers and COAs included
   > Seller: armynavymarinesurplus
   > Price: $700 plus shipping

   > Opinion: Number 160? You again? hehe We already saw this particular Icons chakram here. So, same opinion. But of course, if back then it was expensive, now yet more. Keep reading.


   > Manufacturer: Icons Prop Replicas
   > Number: 540/5000
   > COA: All papers and COAs included
   > Seller: janddt
   > Price: $395 plus shipping (only USA)

   > Opinion: Another Icons chakram (and I thought they were rare!). This one is a later number, but it's boxed (like the one we saw here) and it comes with the full set of papers. It's an exceptionally late number, actually - it must have been close to the end of the series. We saw normally later numbers tended to have thicker and blacker contour lines, but this seems to be an exception. MUCH cheaper than the previous one, but ships only with US.


   > Character: Gabrielle and Amarice in S5 "Chakram"
   > Material: Resin? Ceramic? Cork. String. 
   Papers: Includes Turners COA
   Seller: beyond_collectibles
   Price: $69.99 plus shipping

   > Opinion: Seller's name is Victoria. She's a very nice collector. She's going through a difficult moment for several reasons, and she's selling off her collection. This is a good opportunity to get a prop from a very iconic episode, S5 "Chakram". These are the bombs she and Amarice threw at the guards of the Chakram Temple. Neat!


   > Character: Xena/Stunt
   > Material: Leather. Cord. Bronze. 
   Papers: Includes Turners COA
   Seller: beyond_collectibles
   Price: $719.99 plus shipping

   > Opinion: I ignore if these were worn by Lucy or a stunt double. Probably the second, it's way more possible. Anyway, Victoria provides the Turners number (PROP# 1549967374) and the COA. Remember you can check Turners original auction list here.


   > Character: Romans?
   > Material: Leather. 
   Papers: COA from SPLW?
   Seller: granny.s_garage_sale
   Price: $15 plus shipping

   > Opinion: I know the one in the picture is not this exact scabbard. But it reminds me of it. This is the typical shape of a Roman scabbard. Not sure though. Anyway, it's a very cheap prop, it might interest someone.


This is all for now!

I'm working on several posts, and I'd like some feedback from you. What would you like to see?

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